Getting stuck in

Hey guys

Another two weeks, I know! It’s been crazy busy at college because everything is in full swing now – I can’t believe it’s week 5 already!

These past two weeks have been much more structured than the first two, which is nice for me, being the organisation geek that I am 😉 Microsoft OneNote is an absolute godsend as far as taking notes is concerned! I’ve really started to appreciate that all of my lecturers put their presentations up for us to access on Blackboard, because I was talking to some other students whose lecturers don’t use the online platform and they were having to write down almost everything, which meant they missed out on some of the important points. Now, I’ll be honest, I probably haven’t done enough study for the stage we’re now at – I’ve only read over some of the first lectures, but we have midterms in two weeks so I’ve set myself a schedule for this week to try and get on top of it all! Honestly, guys, I know everyone says it, but start early! Letting it pile up just makes a heap of work which is so daunting. Having friends on the course does make it easier, though – knowing that there are others who are just as lost makes me feel a bit better 😉 the dry labs are getting easier! Remember last week how I was saying that I didn’t really understand my laptop? I’m getting the hang of it now, so my assignments are becoming much less stressful. However, Friday of week 3, I had my first college experience of leaving things to the last minute: our assignment was due at 6pm, and I didn’t start until 2.30pm, at which point I realised that my laptop was on 2% and I had left my charger at college >_< by the time I had gone in, picked up the charger and gone home again, it was 5pm, so I had one hour to do the assignment. I ended up submitting it at 5.59pm! It was hands down the most stressful day of the year so far, which explains why this week, I’ve already finished the assignment for that class! We’ve also started wet labs in both anatomy and biochemistry – yes, that means dissection (guys, make sure you have lab coats, nitrile gloves and latex gloves!). Our year was split up into groups and we were each given a surgical case that we had to “solve”. None of them were too complicated – ours was bloat with a flipped stomach in a dog -, but we were then given a cadaver relating to that case and we had to get elbow deep in blood and guts to show how the situation arose and how we might fix it. It was a bit eerie at first, but once you get stuck it, it’s actually lots of fun!

As far as the social scene goes, that’s just getting better and better – and that’s coming from someone who’s ill! I’ve had a cold for over a month now because it’s just so hard to say no to the group – they’re the best people, honestly! They’re so much fun and so reliable – you know when you go out and you just feel safe? That’s how the vet group makes me feel 🙂 it really is like a family, and my peer mentors are still looking after us really well, which is fab. We went out to have dinner and drinks with them last week and we joined another peer mentor group there which was really good because it meant we made more friends! I struggle with anxiety, so making friends is a tough one for me, but I feel like I really fit in with this lot. Knowing that I already have a solid friend base has made it easier in lectures too, so I really encourage you to try and put yourself out there – I know it can be really difficult, but it’s so worth it I promise ❤

I went to a rugby training session last week, which again was a fantastic way of meeting new people, and it also finally got me to do some exercise! I’m lucky in that I have a high metabolism, but my diet has been atrocious these past few weeks so it was high time to get out there and run around a bit. Sports clubs at uni are a brilliant way of meeting people, but it’s also a way of trying new things – I’ve also joined the kickboxing club, which is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages! College really is like turning over a new leaf, and it’s already shaping up to be my best year yet.

I hope you guys are enjoying these somewhat random posts – let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions!

Love always,
Cici xoxo

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