Back to College

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a lovely winter break with family and friends. The break from college was a tad long for me – six weeks, and I’m useless at having nothing to do! – but it was nice nonetheless. I did two weeks of work experience in two different vet clinics: the first was in an exotics clinic, which was so much fun, and the second was in a small animal hospital. Being home all the time also meant that I was able to spend a lot more time with my horses, which I’ve really missed!

Getting back to college this week was a welcome change, but it has been a bit tough readjusting to 6am starts! This semester is tougher than the first because we have six modules as opposed to four but it’s manageable. We got our exam results on Wednesday – I passed them all, thankfully! I’ve been writing up my lectures the day we have them or the following morning, and I’m already seeing a difference – when I go into class having at least read over the notes beforehand, it’s so much easier to follow along!

This semester we get to go out to Lyons research estate to learn how to handle various animals, which is so much fun! My group was tasked with sheep this week, so we learned how to flip them, check their feet and teeth, etc. The highlight of the day was of course the lambs – there were lambs born just that morning! It was freezing, of course (this is Ireland, after all!), but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I’m going lambing with a friend in vet over the two weeks we have off in March, which I’m super excited about!


Other than college, this week has been fairly chilled, but next week is rag week so there will doubtless be a little more excitement 😉

Talk to you next week!
Cici xoxo

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