Mid-terms and the mystery tour

Hey guys

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks – I’ve been crazy busy with midterms! I had three last week and one this week. We’ve had results back for three of them, and I passed all of them, which is a huge relief. I’ve definitely found it easier to study this year because I’ve been enjoying the classes more, with the exception of behaviour and welfare. I absolutely love the module, and behaviour is something I’m considering doing a PhD in, but the lecturer is not someone who particularly inspires me to learn. That said, when I’ve done independent study, it’s been really interesting which I guess is a blessing because if I found the subject matter boring, I wouldn’t get anywhere!

Midterms have meant that my social life had come to a complete halt, but this Monday it was the vet school mystery tour. We stopped at Ballymahon on the way to Carrick-on-Shannon, which is in County Leitrim (no, I don’t really know where that is on a map!). VetSoc hired a club out for us and we had a fab night! It was fancy dress, and my friends and I did a group costume: we were the Pretty Little Liars.We got back to Dublin at 4.30am and I have never been so glad to see my bed. The bus journey home was actually alright – last year it was a bit of a vomit-fest. I don’t know that we’ll be able to go next year since all I’ve heard about semester one of


We got back to Dublin at 4.30am and I have never been so glad to see my bed. The bus journey home was actually alright – last year it was a bit of a vomit-fest. I don’t know that we’ll be able to go next year since all I’ve heard about semester one of the third year is that it’s the single worst bit of vet school.

Every week, VetSoc organise some talks in the evenings and at lunchtime, and recently there’s been a focus on wildlife and exotic practice. There are lots of EMS (extra-mural studies) opportunities abroad, which sound absolutely incredible. I want to work in Australia or Africa when I graduate, and animals that we would consider “exotic” here in Ireland are much more commonplace over there. I’m taking an elective in exotic species this semester, and this week the wildlife society came in with lots of cadavers. They had everything: a hedgehog, a fox and her cub, a pine marten, a badger and even a cygnet. It was the best class in terms of experience – we were learning to capture and restrain the animals first, then how and where to inject them and lastly how to intubate them. If any of you guys are interested, their website is outstanding: irishwildlifematters.ie – they have everything on there from what to do if you see wildlife you think may need help to common conditions and normal body parameters for vets.

Did anyone else read the Animal Ark books by Lucy Daniels when they were little? I adored them – I had every single one of them and I still do, somewhere! Anyway, Daniels has written more of them, and Mandy is now a qualified vet. I’m loving them! It’s as if Mandy and I have grown up together. A real trip down memory lane to Welford, but these aren’t children’s books. There are some romance and some mystery bits as well as the animal side of things. I’ve also started rereading the original books, and the attention to veterinary detail is incredible. I guess as a child, you don’t really notice, but now that I’m learning all of these details myself, it’s amazing to see how accurate and precise the books are.

I have a few more exams in three weeks – one is my genetics midterm and the other is my first resit. I’m not worried about them, but I don’t like exams in any situation so hopefully, I’ll manage alright. My therapy sessions are going really well, which is a huge relief. Having anxiety issues in high school is one thing because you’re still a child and you’re surrounded by people who are looking out for you – not just your parents, but teachers and guidance counsellors, too. In college, you’re in the (semi-)adult world and you have to start looking out for yourself. It was daunting for me to reach out to a stranger for help, but it’s working wonders for my confidence. I had a minor setback a couple of weeks ago, but where I would usually isolate myself when that happens, this time, I was able to work through it constructively and confide in others. I know this blog is about my life at vet school, but if any of you are struggling with feeling alone or anxious, don’t be scared to ask for help. I know from experience that it seems like the most terrifying thing in the world, but there are people whose job it is to help, and they want to do just that. I don’t know what the situation is in other colleges, but in UCD at least, therapy is free, so take advantage of it!

Love always,
Cici xoxo

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